Our First Grade 7 Graduation

June 27, 2017

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at this milestone event in Westside Montessori Academy’s history! Congratulations Aisha and Avery – it’s been such a pleasure watching you develop into the wonderful people you are today.

Ms. Sarah: We have come a long way from our first preschool class of 13 students. But even then we knew that we had something special. The collaboration of minds and the mentorship of Lee-Ann Mulrooney –the original founder of Westside Montessori School – has given us a very strong foundation to work from.  Personally I would like to thank Lee-Ann for her original vision and her trust in Andrea and myself to carry on and advance the school into the amazing preschool through to Grade 7 we have today. It has been a journey and we have been blessed to take it with all of you.

Ms. Andrea: Though our graduating class is on the smaller side we couldn’t ask for two more outstanding students to send out into the world. Not only are Aisha and Avery both bright and inspiring students but we also have no doubt they will be important and contributing members of the greater community. We are so proud to have them represent WMA and its first graduating class.  

Ms. Sarah: That being said, we also have to thank and congratulate Aisha and Avery’s families. They are part of the original families of the school and have played such an important part of building the school.  When we think of what a chance they took when they joined WMA, we couldn’t be more grateful for all of their help and support over the years. They have truly trusted in the Montessori method and our amazing staff.  As you know, the Montessori method educates the whole child – it’s sometimes hard to see this when we are traditionally trained to look for student output, homework, worksheets, grades and results. So we do thank you for your conviction and your understanding of our school and of the process. The proof is in the pudding  -we would say in England, and the exceptional young ladies who are graduating today are the best representation of how well Montessori works.

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