Film Making with The Cinematheque & Special Event

June 06, 2017

Movie Making by Alex L.

Movie Making is fun to do. The groups are Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow.  We made movies and skits. We made scripts and storyboards. We filmed our scenes. We put our scenes together. On the last day we put sound effects and watched the movies.

We will be setting up a screening room for all the films at the upcoming WMA Family Picnic on Friday June 23rd.

Two of the films we created have been selected for The Cinematheque Screening Event on Tuesday June 20th at 6pm.

1131 Howe Street, between Helmcken and Davie Streets

Circle of Bullying
Aliens vs. Super Ryan

Huge thanks to the PAC and PAC chair Winnie Tam who helped us write the winning grant application that enabled us to have this experience through ArtStarts/Artist In the Classroom Grants.

We’ll see you there! 😊

Join The Cinematheque’s Education and Outreach team for a special evening devoted to youth films, media literacy, and informed discussion about how today’s young connect with our complex and multi-faceted media landscape.

Screenings of youth-made works from some of our 2016-17 programs — including Status Update: Critical Creations on Social Media; Canada on Screen: Youth Interpretations of Canada’s 150th; and the TREK Environmental Education Documentary Projects — will be accompanied by explorations of crucial topics for youth today: Social Media and the Self; and Dissecting Fake News: Media Literacy in the Post-Truth Era.

We welcome you to learn more about The Cinematheque’s outreach programs and immerse yourself in the technology-mediated perspectives of today’s young people!

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